Page 133 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 133

temporarily an altered state of consciousness he has, that gives him the quiet, that gives him the calm,that gives him the peace. This is had in the very first sitting. In the second sitting what is done is we try to give the suggestion through the process of will that this person is moving from the animal state to the human state. Not all of us are born as humans, totally. We are human, we are also animals, it is our duty to reduce the animal and move on to the human level. That is our right. That is the only justification. Then only our existence is justified, otherwise we have wasted, squandered the opportunity. We enable the applicant, we enable the aspirant, and we enable the practicant.
When we say animal level we say that the person is governed by the instincts which enable the physiological system to survive and the fundamental principle of life is trying to get the next generation, procreation, thirst. These are the things that govern us. Any animal does it. All animals eat, all animals drink, all animals procreate. From this level we have to move on to the human level. We cannot confine ourselves only to this level. If we analyse ourselves, we will understand that majority of

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