Page 134 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 134

our culture is devoted only for these two purposes. All our activities almost appears to be concerned to these two levels. That is, we are not behaving as men. We are behaving as animals.
The first transformation that Babuji wants or any sane man would like is to become a man first. So the suggestion that is given, the will that is given is that we move on to the human plane. That the aspirant tries to live as much as possible in the human plane and as little as possible in the animal plane. At present the twist is the other way. We are asking the people to live at the animal plane more and more thanks to all the advertisements that we have got and at human level less and less. So there is a shift that we are asking. That shift that you have to aspire, the practicant has to aspire for that and the help of the trainers is to will such a movement. Such a will can become real only when he has established himself at that level, otherwise it will be fooling yourself and fooling God apart from fooling others. Pranahuti is effective only from the persons who are able to move out of this level. That is why we will find different levels of transmission that are coming. According to the level of the

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