Page 155 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 155

understand that he cannot wish it away. All that we can do is to arrive at a balanced way of dealing with the things. We need not develop further samskaras. Whatever Runa we had with us earlier we try to clean them off. But then even after the marriage we run after the daughter to the house where we have given them. We are supposed to forget them. They are Dana, but we don't forget them. No Danas are here. That is we try to continue an attachment out of habit. What was a burden on you, you cleared off. But then the act of clinging all these days has developed its own samskara of attachment and you continue to do it, even after you are supposed to have ceased to have any connections with it. Have clarity. Nobody is permanent here. Everybody is transient. We are moving out. One day or the other we are going out. But when you go would you like to carry the load. As Revered Babuji says travel light. Throw off the luggage as far as possible. Travel light is a good article to read, please read Revered Babuji's article. Even when there is an opportunity for us to travel light we like to carry some more load.
Even when by God's grace we get liberated, we want bondage. We seem to love bondage

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