Page 179 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 179

integration in life, I think we can appeal to God who is all pervading even as stated in 'Isavasyopanishad'.
When we appeal to Him, what should we appeal for? It can only be total unselfishness, because, any thinking man can discern that it is only his point of self, his own personality or settlement, against an adjustment. We have to transcend this selfishness and we know that it is not in our hands. We are painfully aware of this weakness. I am reminded of the great men of our Puranas, King Duryodhana more than anybody else. He was a great man. No doubt about it. A man who could give away a part of his kingdom to a person whom he thought deserved it, could not after all be a mean person. He knew that he was living with God. When Lord Krishna asked him, "Don't you know that I am God before you and is it not necessary for you to adjust with Pandavas?" he said, "I know, but I cannot help myself. I am aware of my feelings. I cannot cheat my conscience, which says I should give nothing to them". He was painfully aware of his limitations. Similar is our predicament today. In our daily life we find ourselves forced to do so many things which we would not normally do.

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