Page 183 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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make Masters. Not disciples". If he had any other intention of exploiting he would not have said it and that is one sentence by which you can definitely lay your faith in Him. It is heart's language; not minds. Many Gurus and Mahatmas said that they will they will prepare disciples. They need not be accused. It is we who go and fall at their feet to become disciples that are to be blamed. In the entire history of man it is Revered Babuji alone who said "I will make Masters". Faith in such a Guru is what the vedantins call "Mahaviswasa", which is one of the six angas of prayer, the others being "Anukulya sankalpa", "Pratikulya varjanam", "Gotrptva varanam", "Atmanikshepa", and "Kripanatva". Thus Mahaviswasa and Kripanatva are the two things fully stressed in our prayer. The total helplessness to achieve the goal is stressed in the last two sentences of our prayer. It may be very easy to go on reciting the Upanishads, for there you love your own voice, your capacity to recite and congratulate yourself for your competence. But here, you are confronted with your total incapacity, helplessness and incompetence. The 'I' in man, the ego, does not so easily accept this proposition. That is

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