Page 198 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 198

spiritual experiences but also of our wrongdoings, doings done on our own initiative and without feeling of God's and Master's presence and direction. It is necessary to review these and note them so that the mere entry of it in our diary will automatically draw the attention of the Master and speed up the process of rectification and purification. Repentance is for the loss of practice of Nothingness of our self and of presence of the Master. Confession in religion has this same purpose but being made into a technique it is likely to lead to abuses. Confession in private or in public has no basic value unless one follows it up to the logical conclusion and takes the same up to rectification or seek God's power and help to lead him to that stage when he will never go wrong. This is perfection.
Every samskara good or bad is still a blemish, still a impurity because it is different from that blemishless non Samskaric Bramhan or the Ultimate. The internal consciousness must be brought to a state where we will not have oppression of those thoughts. Oppression of the thoughts should be the main aspect that an aspirant should be worried about, they dictate terms to us. Many thoughts will come to you

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