Page 224 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 224

background behind all our apparently existing separate individual entities. The clarity regarding the goal to be achieved makes us maintain the pure motivation that is essential for success in sadhana.
Now, when we consciously generate a pure motivation, initially it may seem as though we are faking something, but in the long term we understand that we are not really faking anything, because by intentionally cultivating this technique gradually it becomes real and very much part of ours. And here, by pure motivation, we mean the attitude that we are doing the practice of the Natural Path in order to benefit ALL BEINGS. Because we possess the beginningless habit of fixation on the self, it is natural for us, as far as our motivation goes, to desire our own happiness and our own benefit as our primary wish or goal. This is not a bad, it is just a small-minded or petty motivation. The small scope of this wish is to benefit only our self which is of self centeredness, and is in no way helpful for development beyond into the realms of Cosmic and Para Cosmic consciousnesses not to speak of the Ultimate Consciousness. Even if we were to suffer this defect in our motivation

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