Page 245 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 245

Sri Krishna. I will give one small example, not necessarily some thing that is in some book, but this is due to my understanding of the subject. Many of you know the great Avatar of Vamana, who comes and requests the great emperor Bali to give him only three feet of land. That is all what he asked and Bali said, why don't you ask more than this. But with one foot he covered the entire world and with the second foot he has taken the heavens and the third foot it is said is put on Bali himself. Looking at it from spiritual angle, I have found the methods that are given to us namely the Morning Prayer, the Evening Cleaning and the Night Prayer are the three feet asked of us by Master. We have got to give just three steps that the Divine asked from us. The Divinity is asking us, every one of us a Bali Chakravarthy here, just three paces of feet in our heart. Master says 'Three things please yield and the remaining things I will take over'. Firstly you give your heart to me. Right! What happens? The lower vrittis become influenced by the higher vrittis. Kindly note this point that the higher mind takes over the lower mind first. We yield and then the higher mind also is superseded by Him and then finally He asks

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