Page 262 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 262

yield to it. Here comes the intellectual problem. Everyone of us think that we can solve our problems, we would like God to restrict himself to the domain of spirituality and let him not enter into day to day business, family matters, other matters, refusing to understand that every gift we have got or a capacity we have got is what He has given and He knows best as to what to do with that. If only we yield to the Divine, It knows as to how to use us, but we don't accept it. We say that it is a matter that we will sort out. We say we don't want to go to Guru or God for such a small matter like this. In our system through the prayer we are lifted out of that plane and Master simply says, please seek the goal, the Ultimate goal and concede the point that you cannot solve the problem of lifting ourselves from the plane of the lower mind, which is our duty. What is our duty? It is to live up to the Divine level. Our duty is to live like that; if we are not able to do it then we are asked to arrive at the state of mind by crying before Him that we are not able to discharge duty towards the Divine. This is the duty with which we are all born.
To live at the level of Overmind, ie. this upper portion of the heart as given in the Diagram

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