Page 267 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 267

But the lower had its own play however small it might be.
Most of us have a different understanding of our Master and think he is different from other expressions of the Divine. Avatars have been also understood differently. Some persons have expressed it from the point of evolution, which is a very gross way of understanding. But there is enormous spirituality behind the advents and avatars. Each one of them teaches a lesson in spirituality. If we are real sadhakas we would have known quite lot of things revealed to us.
The Center has to intervene and the Master says that Pranahuti that is offered in our system for the systematic progress of the individual is nothing but the Pranasya Pranah (ie., breath of the Center), coming either directly through the Master or through many other persons who work for him having submitted themselves to his will. The characteristic of a person who trains is that of having submitted to the will of the Divine totally having no will of his own. When one's will is totally that of Divine he will naturally work for others without any concern for his self without
any discrimination of race or nationality or sex 267

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