Page 284 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 284

consciousness. To say the sound 'OM' is an idol is accepted but for that very reason we cannot throw it off because that is the path to the source. Revered Lalaji Maharaj goes to the extent of saying that nadopasana is linked to this Idol. The arousal of the condition of Ajapa and Anahad are linked to the primal sound "OM". Everybody thinks he knows and understands nadopasana. We are very clear about the path we are treading. But simply because something is called an idol it is not proper to throw it off. They have their own value. We think somebody else is less evolved because we think that we have been granted with the wisdom, of knowing the real path. We think that the people around us do not know the real path. Please do understand that God is a "samavarthi" and therefore does not discriminate. We should pray that, the persons around us should also come to the path. That is the yajna that we have to do, instead of finding fault with them. If we see blemish in others, we should try to remove it. I know it is impossible because we have our own prejudices about whom we make judgement. Let us not make judgements about others. It is the worst sin from my point of view, because

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