Page 290 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 290

be for those fortunate ones alone who are actuated by an earnest longing for liberation and are really destined for it.
While remembering these words of the Master, we should ponder over the effect of Pranahuti referred to earlier and then we are sure to find automatically the gratefulness to Master tends to develop. Gratefulness to God/Master is a spiritual state that is attained by us very early in sadhana, provided we reflect over our condition often and record our feelings. However, if we have on the other hand tried and developed the discipline that has to accrue through the practices of yama and niyama, and other various means like, practices for development of viveka, vairagya and uparati before sraddha is developed we need to have spent enormous time before we developed this essential quality of gratefulness. In most of such cases where a person has gone through other methods than PAM there is the inevitable feeling that one has accomplished a disciplined way of life. However true it might be this feeling, unfortunately, is a real barrier in as much as it promotes egoism and a sense of being a doer of things. These two feelings are positive hindrance in the development of

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