Page 307 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 307

3.visamvada bhava, absence of controversy, 4.duhkha nasha or cessation of pain and finally 5.Sukhavir bhava or manifestation of bliss/ serenity. It may be clearly seen the purpose of following the Ten Commandments of the Master is only to arrive at the state of consciousness where these purposes will be served. The lack of clarity in this regard makes many seek their odd notions and feel frustrated.
Master in this essay which is one of his master pieces states we need to follow his system without any deviation. In another context he said that it is the primary duty of man to realise. In this article he apparently contradicts the same saying that ―But when we talk of duty we find ourselves enclosed within a sort of limitation.‖ Duty is specific and it narrows down the sphere of freedom. It is true that our level when we start sadhana is finiteness which we cannot get away from without the practice as prescribed. The promised goal definitely arrives when we move on to broader visions losing our total self identity.
Master cautions that ―... that depends mainly on the means and methods we apply for the purpose and adds  ̳If perchance we fall upon 307

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