Page 330 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 330

The Unknown
- Sri.K.C.Narayana
Cogito Ergo Sum so said Descartes. ―I think therefore I am‖ is what he said. This was his answer to the argument that there is no proof of existence for any thing as everything we say we know is only an idea we have of that thing. He argued that while all this may be true, we cannot question the existence of the questioner or we cannot ignore the existence of the doubter who doubts. Master in his book Philosophy of Sahaj Marg stated ―Now let the atheist be faced with the question as to what exists. A consistent agnostic can doubt and deny the existence of everything but not his own self. Viz. that which doubts or denies.‖(wuf. 11) We thus through inference seem to know our self. What this self however remains Unknown.
Master further stated that God does not have mind and obviously He cannot think. On the face of it, it is atrocious to say so. God however knows without the faculty of thinking.
That is because He is everything and is every where. He is all aspects of all beings. He is not outside but inside and is not separate from us

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