Page 357 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 357

certain extent of possessiveness and rigidity in clinging to them. This may be over simplification of the nature of ideas and feelings that arise in us but these statements do clarify the problem sufficient enough for our purposes in this article. The Chit per se is not directly involved and is free. And it is this consciousness that we experience during meditation absolutely ripple less and when the ripples are there we are totally oblivious to their presence which has been explained to us by our Master as absorption during meditation.
When we understand this we find that it is not a problem for us if the mind is agitated because our consciousness (or the nature of our being as experienced in the Pind desh) is free even in the midst of such an agitation. If we put the question whether the thoughts we have arose from the chit we find that it is not so but is entirely due to the habit of our mind/manas/ahankar. That the thoughts did not arise from the silence or Void is clear due to our experience of the same despite thoughts during meditation. This is from my point of view a singular point that we need to note and throw out of our minds the habit of implicit acceptance of the aphorism of Sage Patanjali

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