Page 365 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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minds, so we may align with our Spiritual Essence.
When we lose our minds along with all its assistant sensory and motor organs we do, indeed, come to our essence. This is when the charioteer holds the reins of all the ten horses even as described in Vedic literature. It is then the present moment of our lives becomes infinitely richer and more satisfying. We are able to access deep peace and inner stillness, even amidst chaos and confusion. We feel more connected to our guidance from the Master felt in the heart, as we inhabit a clear space within us, uncluttered by thought, in which abundant insight and creative inspiration are easily received.
In this process we recognize that we are not our mind. Our essence which is in communion with the Master is self luminous and the mind is only a small candle reflecting that luminosity. If the mind is silenced through various purification processes we undertake it starts reflecting the Essence in us perfectly and becomes moon like. We also understand when the mind is purified it becomes a valuable tool even to comprehend matters far beyond the
intellect. The identification of the perfect mind 365

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