Page 381 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 381

When this humility and lowliness of our being is imperienced then the sweetness and pleasures of meditation and prayer are found to give us some degree of strength in our connection with Master. In fact Master then appears to desire to lead us further, wherein we can commune with Him more intimately and abundantly. It is in such poverty of Ego that we commune and when we are thrown into circumstances where there is a play of great pleasures, and we fool ourselves that we are then having the Divine favor shining most brightly upon us, we find that Master has in fact has set us down into darkness and has shut the door to the springs of divine nectar which we were tasting in the company of the Master whenever and as long as we desired.
The pain that God gives is His gift, and not His curse, as it is so often felt to be. This clinging to the Master is not an eternal feature of our spiritual life. Once we have learnt the lessons that poverty teaches and humility is firmly established we become capable of managing ourselves. The sadhaka then earns the privilege of being placed down from the safe arms of communion with Master and this is the stage of the Prapanna Prabhu. The

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