Page 387 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 387

limitless, and here the concrete world poses problems that are not always easy to tackle. We learn that impatience does not work and stoic attitude alone saves the situation. Problems have a knack of getting solved on their own and few realize this! Or more appropriately it is Time that heals all wounds and solves all problems.
If the situation is totally helpless all that we should do is to be helpless. We need to stand 'naked' before Master and he knows what to do. Many sadhakas entertain an idea that with the spiritual life, there will be an increase in the amount of happy experiences and a decrease in the amount of unhappy experiences in life. Most often it is the other way about. In fact there is nothing like happy and unhappy experiences: for a sincere seeker the difference is in the way in which he lives those experiences. In such cases the whole mental sphere is oriented to the Master with no concern for the self and its pains and pleasures. The roots of pain then remind us of the Master as also their result the 'flowers'. The pain then is no torture and the fragrance is no pleasure. In such a state of balance; and only in such a state we can say that the fragrance of

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