Page 393 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 393

thoughts it conjures up and then they begin to worry about them. Master only advised us to ignore the thoughts. If we do that there is no problem. Instead we seem to believe in the reality of these thoughts and wail over such a situation.
What we should believe is the Master, whose presence is felt as peace (balance) accompanied by an awareness of  ̳Nothing‘ and many a time non awareness of anything. When Master also advised us to think or imagine that there is a Divine Light without luminosity and meditate he advised that we should ignore all thoughts while meditating. He assured that the suggestion given at the beginning of meditation will continue to work at the sub-conscious level throughout the period of meditation. The unregulated mind has its own way of making us doubt the Master and we seem to get active with our ideas generated by the mind which has got clouded through carnality and relationships. We do not give importance to the presence of the Master by believing him; instead we give importance to the unwanted thoughts and believe in their reality. We thus do not choose our beliefs based on experience and instead we merely

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