Page 410 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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attached to throwing a ball in the air and expect it never to come down. It will not happen. In fact, operating in this divine way, in which we see things as more of a game, works much better. Our Masters have adopted it, and had equal passion for life as any of us and for sure they had better results.
The only way by which I think we can lead this type of living is to meditate as advised by the Master without any changes and modifications. His system is integral and can be practiced only fully. To practice some portions of his system and think that is also doing good will not help us develop the integral living.
It is likely that some persons may try to see the similarity in Vedic passages in Kena Upanishad ―na tatra caksur gacchati na vag gacchati na manah na vidmo na vijanimo yathaitad anusisyat /3/ But it is obvious the Reality here, is only stated to be beyond the instruments of Cognition and not Mind as such. Our Master stated that we go much beyond this condition and move in the realms of the Mind region of God before entering the Central region and the Centre itself. This is where one of the powerful belief systems affect us and the
Vision of the Mind region of God itself get 410

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