Page 411 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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blurred and one is left repeating the words of the ancient sages and seers. Many victims of this notion are there and that is because they do not leave their dogmas as Master put it.
Master summarized beautifully the system when he wrote ―In short, just say: every honest genuine practicant is bound to comprehend and experience spiritual advancement in the right way. In the beginning, mostly there may be emphasis on the importance of physical and material experience. However, comprehension concerning health and peace of heart and mind should develop gradually. Miracle, jugglery, black magic, machination, fraud etc., producing effect through such means, is entirely against spirituality and Brahma Vidya (Divinity); and anyone after these can never be a deserving vessel for this superb science. Certainly there remains so much beyond and above the reach and grasp of heart and mind (intellect), but proper comprehension and experience of that too is possible only through the heart and mind, which is oriented to soul and God. Just due to this, then, there is special emphasis on cleaning and training of heart and mind in this science. The finest Divine gift, which is patrimony of the entire progeny of

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