Page 417 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 417

thoughts are all due to impurities and gross we have collected and stored in our mind. In fact these thoughts have no reality content and absolutely unauthentic. This means it is not our destiny to move in the direction of these lower order states of mind.
The more we interfere with these thoughts the more they play and the duel never ends. It is the experience of the sadhakas that they have few moments of being aware of their own thoughts, but they feel that there is nothing happening when they watch so. And there have been other times when they felt very uncomfortable with what they saw within themselves. And they find themselves confused as to what is happening.
Master‘s instruction is that we just keep going with our meditation not minding these thoughts. There is no point in denying that there is a persistent wish to silently watch our own thoughts and feelings- the internal drama we all cherish and enjoy most. We should not have much concern with our initial efforts to be self observant as it may not reveal much about our real nature but only entertain with our own creative and fictitious dramas. An important
point to note here is that we should never 417

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