Page 430 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 430

consciousness. The Great Master developed ways of transcending the mind's limitations. By the quietening of our internal mental dialogue we are enabled to gradually awaken more and more to this new consciousness.
Master asks ―What is the call of the present day? Nothing but the energy issuing forth from the centre. Either it should burn us or it should embrace us. That should be our thought if we really want our transformation, for which we should come forward like a warrior in the field to test our own bravery for the task.‖ (SDG- 112) He also states that ―If you want to taste the real nectar of life, come forward into the field with undaunted courage, not minding the ups and downs of fortune. That is the thing needed for our life, not charity and alms.‖ (SS- 329-30) He affirms that ―The courage starts when confidence is there; and confidence is there when you have willed to reach the destination.‖(SDG-31) He bemoans that ―Firm resolve and dauntless courage are the essential features of manly character. That is what is required for the final success. My advice in this respect usually goes unheeded.‖ (SS -264)

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