Page 446 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 446

the book is being with my Master in every sense of the word. I hear his voice as audibly as I hear the voices of others here and now. The sound reverberates in the mind and I lapse many times into a state of deep contemplation as if I am by his side. His advice on the book on commandments- ―Read it again and again. You will find each word and each sentence commendable and when you begin to understand, I am sure you will be greatly pleased.‖ There are no important sentences and unimportant sentences in this book. He adds in the same context that ―It is a virtue to make (correct) oneself and to make (guide) others.‖ Virtuous living is the key and there is no virtue greater than the understanding that we are infinitely insignificant and Master is infinitely significant. As I have expressed above getting into Masters Consciousness is tough enough but living in the same is tougher. It is obvious when we live in his consciousness we have none of our own. I pray that this may this happen soon and we live and move in a world of non possessive abundance. It is obvious that we can live like that only when we make a conscious choice to be with the Master.

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