Page 452 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 452

Perception we know is not who we are either as some of the modern thinkers hold. If we go blind or born without eyes the seer is still there without windows to the world. What is the source from which even perception comes from when the eyes are gone? It is my understanding that this source is the original Prana from which all mind arises and also the changing views of the world we develop. Once we realize this inside immediately we recognize the outside. This is our nature and irrespective of the degree of suffering or enjoyment the reality remains untouched by those responses. Whether we are in the realm of the plane of the limited self or have moved into the rarer realms of the cosmic or para cosmic planes this is true. Prana alone exists.
It is worth investigating this in the core of our being sincerely. It is an enterprise for freedom in the real sense of the term and without true inquiry there will be no enjoying of that freedom that is our nature.
We need to meditate in the silence of our being that persists in the midst of the most tormented or pleasured or any state of mind. When we do meditate on the Divine light without luminosity
and touch the core of the Reality in expression 452

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