Page 58 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 58

The coolness that one experiences in the return reveals that the heat (friction) that has entered into one is now going out and one is slowly returning to the heaven of peace which is the ultimate.
The practice of early rising is to help feel the refreshing oneness with God during the early period expressing itself in and through the day. It is possible to experience that coolness of laya, absorption, even during the day when the heat seems to be increasing. It is this that has to be remembered as the Karma in Akarma and Akarma in Karma, the quiet in action and action in the quiet, the living in the ultimate fully which develops sahaj samadhi, natural absorption, in the ultimate who verily is the source of both creation and dissolution. Thus one develops the vision of the transcendent.
Master has also suggested the connection between the seasons; as we have stated it refers to the moving of the earth round the sun and marks out the periods of heat and cold, expansion and contraction, manifestation and absorption.
Master does not mention the metaphysical views separately. It will be clear that we accept

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