Page 69 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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appropriate time and place and in the appropriate manner.
The whole commandment in a nut-shell states that for the speedy purposes of realization it is best and advisable to choose the conditions which will not interfere with our abhyas. The time to be chosen must be the time when external physical or gross heat of the sun is not active; thus bed time and early morning are very good periods. Cleanliness of the body and mind is necessary. One must have the yearning for peace which one seeks when going to bed after a hard day's labour or work. A fixed place and fixed pose are additional helps. Meditation on the heart is most useful and imperative for speedy approach to the ultimate state.
Above all Master's grace is to be sought integrally. All the others such as time, place and pose are relatively helpful and one should not drop abhyas just because one has no time, no place and no convenience and is unable to sit in the siddha or the padma asana. Master will help all if there is aspiration for the ultimate and its descent in oneself.
Therefore the first commandment is comprehensive as it covers almost the yama,

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