Page 78 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 78

you. And when God comes into you, your own burdens are taken away. So, the mind and the whole system will be controlled. You become 'sensitive' about the vibrations that are entering into your system. As a matter of fact, you begin also to experience that the Divine Vibrations could be generated in the heart. So, you begin to develop Inner Light. Master is assisting your system to come to life, in its real sense of the term. Though you become dead to the physical aspects and material aspects of the body and mind, you become aware of the Divine Activity that has started in the system and so Meditation becomes very easy at that level because it is of great interest and in a sense, exciting. You feel that you are the Body of the Ultimate Himself and the Ultimate has begun to work within your mind.
But for a long time, till it becomes stable in the system and fully established in all the parts, the work of the Master will have to continue. That is why Meditation naturally leads to concentration, concentration on the function of the divine within the system and you experience lightness and freedom also. Calmness settles in your system and you find that a New Light is opened in you. In one

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