Page 9 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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Philosopher. Sri K.C.Narayana is a qualified Psychologist and a philosopher with Master‘s degree in both with Honours. In addition he has got deeper insights of sanathana tradition. He has been training the aspirants following the Natural Path for over Four decades and is dynamically serving his Master day in and day out to fulfill the mission of the Master – The Transformation of Man. He has been specially entrusted by the Master with onerous responsibility of educating, training and doing research in PAM by virtue of his courage and competence. Truly, Sri K.C.Narayana is an efficient doctor practicing ―Spiritual Therapeutics‖ and a wizard in spiritual remedial education. This is my conviction out of experience and that of many co-travelers. The talks, discussions and writings of Sri K.C.Narayana reveal a blend of Agama and Nigama traditions.
He aptly, adequately and appropriately interprets the tradition in terms of Natural Path to give clarity and understanding of the subject. He being a trainers Trainer is proficient in the skills of navigation and guidance during voyage in the silent waves of sea of wonder. I am intimately associated with him for more than

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