Page 98 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 98

way, avoiding forced restraints or mental struggle. As a matter of fact, meditation is simply a process of thinking over and over again on a Divine aspect so as to form a connected link of thought. It has no connection with concentration, suppression or struggling. It aims at the gentle diversion of mind towards Divine thought in the most natural way. The process, therefore, as it normally should be, is to start with meditation taking in the subtlest consciousness of the thought taken up for the purpose. Sahaj Marg recommends meditation on heart and the thought taken up for the purpose is the presence of the Divine light (Ishwariya Prakash) in it. But though in words one may call it as meditation on heart or on Divine light, yet, in the true sense, the meditation is neither upon the heart nor on the Divine light, for neither of them is our goal. The heart is, taken up only as the base for locating our attention, and the presence of Divine light is a mere supposition, without the slightest effort to locate the position of the heart or to visualize the Divine light. Meditation practiced in this way shall be the subtlest in character, hence completely free from all grosser effects.

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