Page 103 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 thinking and practice, which we have to clear off through the process of cleaning.
In short the help of the Master, who has himself travelled the entire distance and has developed in himself the Divine force, is therefore of immense value. It is then alone that the Divine force begins to flow into the abhyasi from the Divine centres. This subtle force is very strong, so much so that in higher regions even if an abhyasi attempts to go up he is pushed down by the effect of this strong flow of the force. In that case it is only the Master's dynamic force that pulls him up through the flow and enables him to have a view of Reality.
But something is essential for the abhyasi also. In the first place he must have full trust in the Master and must fully co-operate with him in every respect. If it is so he will positively go on developing day by day, and begin to feel himself changed and transformed. The state of waking consciousness of the lower type will get transformed, and his journey through higher and higher types of consciousness will be commenced. Usually consciousness is spoken of as of three levels: conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. They are

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