Page 106 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 the idea of freedom lingers still, or he has a feeling of it in any way, he is not free from the shackles. When the consciousness of freedom is also gone, one finds himself lost in the maze of wonder. The idea of Reality even is not there. He feels that he is not keeping pace with Infiniteness. The condition can better be described either as having been dissolved in toto, or that Infinity has been poured into us in toto. When everything is dissolved, one finds himself nowhere. Absorbency in Brahman commences, but we push on still to attain the last stage destined for a human being.
I feel bold enough to say that besides ‘Sahaj Marg' there is no other Sadhana or worship which can bring forth such top level results in such a short time as in a part of a man's life. That is what Sahaj Marg stands for.

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