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 and helped him to cross fifty eight points within a few minutes. I was transmitting to my other brothers of the Mission also. I answered to a few questions of abhyasis too — and, I was told after my recovery, that they were to their fullest satisfaction. It is not very difficult; clean your sub- conscious mind to grasp the sense of discipline and the thing is there. At the same time, mark the efficacy and infallibility of our system that the work of Mission did not suffer at all.
The work of the Mission will save the humanity from its doom by carrying the teachings of Master to every heart. Mankind today is groping in the darkness of materialism. Fear, greed and jealousy have gripped the man and every sense of value is lost. Only the torch of spirituality can remove the oppressing gloom and restore the real man. Let the light of the Real, shine in the heart of everyone so that we may rise up to the expectations of the Divine!

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