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Message at Tinsukia on 25-11-1977
My prayer is that this auspicious day on which the inauguration of the Meditation Hall at the Tinsukia Centre of the Mission, should prove, the harbinger of good fortune to all abhyasis of the Mission, in India and abroad and in particular to those of Tinsukia Centre.
The general idea that fills abhyasis is that the items of practice taught to them are all that is needed to take them up to the final state of evolution. Their thought does not run beyond this at all. We indicate Raja Yoga as our foundation and it is so in fact, their ideation does not reach down to its depths and it just stops short with the observance of the rules. But it is certain that in Sahaj Marg, the fragrance of Pranahuti indwells, but still the factors that get left behind are Love and Devotion. Along with the act of Meditation, it is essential that these should also inhere therein. It has been necessary for me to stress the mingling of the facets together, since by doing this the Sadhak may be able to reach his goal very soon. It is your responsibility to engender these factors in yourselves. The means

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