Page 133 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 will certainly say, this development of attachment is your job, and your very important duty. If you do not do this, you do not carry out the duty imposed on every service minded abhyasi and the characteristic of a Fakir and of man consists in this, that your duty- discharge gets completed. Truth lies in this that we keep turning our vision inward; if you do this, your condition will stay there wherefrom the “Substance” came to us, that is, we make a mark on the true “Treasure House”. Now it is left to us just to develop the form of expansion. This form of expansion takes birth when, along with practising meditation on the Divine, the endeavour is maintained to keep our vision more and more turning inward. If the true craving for attainment of the Divine is developed in you, it takes no time to achieve success. You are reaching out for bliss and I am talking of craving and restlessness. But, Brother, the happiness that this craving and restlessness bring, is never obtained in peace. When restlessness increases and reaches the limit, crosses the limit of strength, then the beginning of real peace starts.
My strong desire is that I should give people an inkling of the final state of spiritual evolution.

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