Page 14 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 There have been great saints of highest calibre in India almost at all time and they have by their teachings and preachings tried to guide through to uplift the masses to a higher level of consciousness. But, of all these, one who can foment us by his own inner powers would be the best for a guide in the spiritual pursuit. It is he and he alone who perceives our inner complexities, understands our real needs and knows how to conduct us along the path up to the final limit. Pranahuti or Yogic transmission is of course the chief instrument he works with. That is the only effective process to introduce immediate change to regularise the inner tendencies of our mind so as to effect our gradual transformation. Under the present conditions when the poisonous effect has overshadowed the entire cosmos so as to attack every mind and keep it in a constant state of tumult and disorder, when the senses have all gone out of control, and when the individual mind is on the wings every moment, we stand in dire need of such a personality to take us along supporting us by His superior Powers.
This is what we had in the Divine personality of the Great Master referred to above. He introduced an improved system of Raj Yoga which later came to

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