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1. EASIEST WAY TO GOD REALISATION Message at Gulbarga on 15-12-1957
Dear ones,
It is owing to my profound attachment with humanity that I lay down the feelings of my heart to be bubbled up into the hearts of my fellow-beings, the very part and parcel of my own being, in order to make every heart over-flooded with peace and bliss. My heart remains connected with you all, here and elsewhere, giving impulse in unbroken silence to affect the hearts naturally in due course. But it is for every living soul to wake up to his spiritual needs for the realisation of the Ultimate.
We belong to the country where religious spirit has ever been flowing in one or the other form. Diverse means are adopted for the purpose of gaining the object of life. They may be correct if the heart is connected with it in the real sense, so as to be absorbed in the essence of real life. We are bred to have union with Reality which we have emerged from. We have brought with us the very essence of infinity and we should try to keep close to it, in order to give freedom to our thought for absorption in the Infinite. If we neglect it we remain bound to activity

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