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 and the grace of God to get a real method to solve the mystery of one's life.
It is an admitted fact that thought-force of man is nearer to God.
Our present degenerated state is the reaction of thoughts, and by the help of thoughts alone will we be able to evolve our-selves. So if it is utilised in Divine pursuit it will ultimately bring us nearer to our goal. When the goal is before you, this means that you are getting the air of purity, which brings freshness to you and prepares you for further progress. Once the initial step is taken, the other steps follow automatically, if the man is restless for achievement of the goal. There must be one and only one goal so that one may not form different channels for the different goals. Lord Krishna has emphasized that one should do action but should not think of the result. Why did he advise Nishkam Karma? The reason is that if you think of the result you will jump into it, and the force which is to urge one to action towards the objective will be divided, and thus one will be making channels like the different canals in a river exhausting the force of the river. So there should be an all out attempt to gain

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