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Message at Hyderabad on 28-05-1967
This is a very happy occasion that I am among my brethren. I pour-fourth my warm thanks to our associates and others, who have helped us in building the Yoga Ashram, though yet in miniature. Now we are in a better position to render service to our fellow beings in the best possible way.
It is very sad in the present state of society that they have given up the idea of service and taken to the idea of Masterhood instead. History tells us that we have grown from poverty to power, and from servant to Master. The idea of Master, is pregnant, really, with the idea of service but generally our saints forget it although the very idea of service has brought them to their present state. When the basic idea is forgotten, the structure falls off, and there remains neither servant nor Master. The proper sort of training, if the Guru is perfect, is that the teacher should generate among his disciples that sort of smell which leads them to the garden. A man is not fit to impart Spiritual training unless and until he has developed the capacity of

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