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 If we proceed methodically experiences are there and the transformation takes its root from the very first day. Of course, there are experiences in the beginning which are mixed up with imaginary ideas, but as we proceed on we come to that sort of experience in the end which requires no other experience.
There are so many who worship God in their own way but aimlessly. So they remain revolving in the sphere they have started from. Generally the people adopt the methods which they see others following. It is a sad tale of Hinduism that every so called Saint gives one method or the other without having any experience of his own in the field of spirituality. The method should be correct and dynamic based on the experiences of Great Saints or sacred scriptures. One should grasp it earnestly, not devoting one-self to the ways and means which do not carry one far. I am reminded of the words of Historian Alberuni, who came to India in 11th Century. He said that the degeneration of the Hindus has commenced because they were not prepared to heed others' point of view. They think of themselves as final in every sphere of life.

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