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Message on the Eve of His 82nd birth day celebrations at Malaysia on 30-04-1981
Dear Brothers,
Man is generally charmed so much by the environment as he has made for himself unconsciously, that he seldom thinks of rising above it. But how this is to be made possible? When we ponder over it, we find that we have set up in us a community of thoughts, feeding it with impulses, nurtured in the nursery of the brain, views from all corners resound the same note in their ears giving additional strength, and intensifying the effect of the environment further. This helplessness of man may be treated as his defence. But I would say, when once we have realised that these are the spoiling agents, it means some diversion has come in. This may be taken as the first step towards vairagya or renunciation, and our thought is then set on something better and nobler. Our duty is to grasp it firmly and stick to it at all cost. The renunciation develops automatically in our system.
The goal of life is easily reached if we are devoted to it, having idea of our Master all the way

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