Page 167 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 There is every sense in living — not only in living but achieving the highest. The craving of the soul can be satisfied best, while one is living and existing. Nobody knows the shore. The beauty of the training of my Master is that spiritual life runs parallel to the life in the world, with ever increasing efficiency. Once you have decided to attach yourself with a system, where regulation of mind is the responsibility of the Master, please give a fair trial, and have your own experience after sometime. There cannot be any breakdown in spirituality, if faith and desire for the Ultimate is there. Physical or mental troubles do not tell upon spirituality. My Master unequivocally declares: ‘Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your responsibility'.
Religion is really the signpost on way to God realisation, but you will have to pave the right way for yourself. Problems are so many with all humanity; and as such as one remains attentive to a problem, it becomes a stumbling block for him. Disappointments make us cowards. If somehow we remove the prefix ‘dis', ‘appointment' remains. That means we have been appointed for something; and when appointment for certain job has been made,

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