Page 171 - Showers of Divine Grace
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On Enquiring about the condition after meditation, people often say they do not experience anything. Now, the first thing in this regard is that not experiencing some time and even not having any experience at all also remains an experience, after all. If I assert that this state of having no experience is supreme condition of spirituality, people shall certainly demand an explanation, provided that they be really deserving candidates in the sphere of this discipline.
We may take a concrete example. You come out of your home, and a thorn pricks your foot, or suppose an accident occurs, in which you suffer serious injury. In that situation, you will have much to tell about your experience. There will be lots of experience worth narration, even during extraction of the thorn or healing of the injury; but after extraction of the thorn and healing of the injury, you will only say that now you experience just nothing. On persistent enquiry, you will say at the most that there remains no trouble now. This will also be possible for

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