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 preferably, be called insignificance. If we chose to designate it as such, it is an insignificance, of which we know nothing! and Greatness of a sort — viz, Similitude, where no knowledge of Similitude itself is to be found. And this, dear brethren, is the Real Essence!
If we consider ourselves great, we put up a wall to that Greatness, where we have to arrive. We create a bondage, so to say, that becomes an obstruction on the path. What's the harm! When we assume greatness, we start considering others as low (insignificant). Now that path, which we have to trudge, also gets closed; and we are wholly lost to all intents and purposes. Somebody takes it on his mind that he excels someone else in some particular way: that assumes various forms; and we strengthen egoism for nothing, without getting anything in return. We blow our own trumpet in our own thoughts, and lose a lot in the process.
To stiffen one's neck, is a defect. So long as it is not removed, one is not aware of one's own Base. What I mean by ‘Base' is that when a person is wholly rid of this defect, there arises a state, which has been attempted to be translated by the use of

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