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When a child begins to wonder, really the process of thinking starts and he gets food for its expression by the parents. When the thoughts are accumulated and develop force, they become a working machinery for their play. This goes on for a certain time till he begins to speak. Now language for expression is there and the child himself brings out the language for his expression. The centre really speaking, is in the brain and it functions according to the suggestions already laid. Now different sorts of suggestions of the parents and sometime after, of his own, become the treasure house for different off-shoots. This centre, according to its fulfilment, makes different sorts of channels. In other words, it becomes like a spider's web, with its centre in the middle. By the magnitude of the power, the channels are not only formed but they become thicker and thicker. In other words, the child is caught in this web. The lack of harmony cannot be remedied unless the material force introduced into the system by the help of the suggestions be drawn out.
Psychology gives the picture of the things but there is no remedy for their correction. It is only the Sahaj Marg which can bring about naturalness in it.

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