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 out of avowed authority is not good. He should prescribe that method which a great saint might have prescribed in such cases with successful results. The method will, therefore, be correct because the evidence is there. Of course, if the Divine wisdom has been awakened in a Master, then whatever he prescribes will be perfectly correct. In Sahaj Marg System all the methods of “doing” are for the preceptors, and “becoming” is the job of the abhyasi.
The background of spirituality is the “Moral Courage” which rises when one is moral. My revered master used to say “How so ever advanced a person may seem to be, if his moral character is doubtful, I would say that he has not got even a breath of spirituality”. And what is morally in the True Sense? It is that all the faculties may come in harmony for proper use. How does this happen? When a man begins to be away from the “Self”, it begins to develop. So all the methods given in any religion are only for this end, and the methods and procedure of Sahaj Marg are very easy for it. With the overemphasis on “Self” morality decays. But it is the part to be played by the preceptors alone that the self be turned to Divinity.

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