Page 58 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 What is the Self? It is the gross state produced by the charge of the mind. If I may be more vivid for the common understanding I can say that “self becomes the individual force with its separate entity”. If we are in the hands of a real Master, all the things necessary for ‘man to be called man' gradually come out of themselves. Really speaking, in our system, the methods are for the preceptors to introduce divinity into the abhyasi who is in a sleeping state. Remembrance on the part of the abhyasi helps a lot. The job of the master is to remove the thick layers so that the divinity may begin to bloom. In the state of spirituality the bud becomes a blossom. Every transmission from the preceptor, even if given with a lack of confidence in himself, will give light to the abhyasi, whether the latter feels it or not is due to lack of sensitivity, because the one and the same force is working in all of us. Moulding is the Preceptor's Business. I am happy that all the preceptors of the Mission are doing good service to the abhyasis selflessly, not as a Master but as a fellow being. May this develop further.

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