Page 60 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 its region giving us the knowledge of their existence. Now we proceed on. What is there above and below it? We see everything tending towards the Centre, and the Centre itself yawning towards the circumference. After our adventure, we initiated the value of our existence and felt the co-operation of the highest power that is around us. Now, this was the main current of our thinking which diverted our attention to the main theme that is being played. Gradually we could know the function of the movement in the human body. The way is made open to lead up to the Central region.
In my opinion we have solved the mystery, if somehow we are able to solve our problem of life. When we visualized ourselves, we found that man is an epitome of the universe. This added to our advancement, and we have begun to study our own centres, their motions and work, and the functions of the human mind and body. The power we have got in us can also be utilised for the destructive purpose, but owing to the sacred pledge of our ancients, we avoid it altogether, and we utilise the power for the transformation of man. If we really peep into the constructive side we get side by side the destructive

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