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Message — September 1960
It is a great pleasure to me to deliver to you the message of my Master which is meant for the common good of all humanity. His auspicious name was Samarth Guru Mahatma Ram Chandraji (of Fatehgarh, U.P.). He is the Adiguru of our Mission. He devoted his whole life to the spiritual service of all mankind. The popular belief that the attainment of liberation is not only difficult but also impossible within the span of one life is a mistaken notion. Who knows, this very life of ours might be the last one to bring us to the level of liberation. Indeed our Great Master has boldly asserted that one can, for sure, attain liberation in this very life, nay, even in a part of it, provided one is really earnest about it and has the fortune of having a proper guide. This he has practically demonstrated in many instances which only direct experience can prove.
He advised meditation on the heart as the easiest method and this is followed in the Mission. Meditation on certain other points such as the tip of the nose or the mid-point between the two eyebrows, as advised elsewhere, may also serve to

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