Page 76 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 some extent, but in my opinion meditation on the heart is the easiest and the most efficacious. I have sufficiently dealt with this point in the “Efficacy of Raj Yoga”. We have so far been extroverts but now we have to become introverts by turning our mind inwards. When we are successful in our efforts we automatically begin to have spiritual experiences, and our march on the path of spirituality goes on without interruption. Other forms of sadhana may also perhaps be helpful to some extent, but this at least is quite certain that so long as we are extroverts our eye can never turn inwards. The most helpful methods would therefore be only those which are quite simple and natural, and free from all grosser effects. For acquiring that which is the subtlest beyond all possible limits, we must naturally be attracted towards means which tend to make us the lightest and the subtlest. When we want to humour a baby we pose innocence like him; so also for realising Him we have ourselves to become god- like.
The next thing most essential for spirituality is moderation. The word carries a vast sense. It does not pertain only to the mending of our external ways

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